Beth Osborne

Reno, NV

"I look forward each week to coaching her on ways to develop her potential."
-- Beth, Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentor

Now that my own children are living on their own, I have dedicated myself to working with other children and their families as a “Big Sister” with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada.

Big Brothers Big Sisters National LogoThere are so many children who are living in difficult circumstances and have no frame of reference outside of their limited experiences. In my mind, the only way to end the cycle of poverty is to expand the horizons of those children, give them hope that they can have a better future, and the self-confidence to make it happen.

My “Little Sister” and I meet consistently every week. Newly-turned 15, she has been willing to try anything new. Her resilience is admirable and I look forward to listening to her talk about her introduction to high school and being a sounding board for her to express her frustrations over her family circumstances, while coaching her on ways to develop her own potential.


Nationwide more than 30,000 “Littles” are waiting to be matched with a “Big.”


Now is the time to reach out and help our youth. You don’t have to be a teacher or an expert in any field, just be willing to be there for someone. Join a program like Big Brothers Big Sisters, where training and professional guidance is provided. All you have to do is get to know a younger person and deal with them where they are. The rewards are immeasurable!

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"This activity provides me with the chance to reach the younger audience and connect with them in a compassionate, caring way."

Rainy Roth

Troy, MT

"Retirement can leave one feeling unfulfilled, if well-rested. Joining Experience Corps has satisfied my own need to be communally productive and purposeful."

Patty Brooks

Portland, OR

"I don't "do" charity. I just do what I'm supposed to do."

Lisa Oliver King

Grand Rapids, MI