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Powered by, the Gen2Gen campaign seeks new ways to bring more people over 50 into the lives of young people who need champions. Join us today by pledging to help young people thrive.

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Kids need early reading champions and books in their lives to be ready for school success. We can help on both counts. For the next few months, Gen2Gen Reads will encourage people to volunteer with literacy partners eager for 50+ help and raise the funds to donate 1,000 new books to Head Start centers.

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Did an older person inspire your love of reading?   Click here to honor them and enter to win $150 in books for Head Start kids who need them most.

Literacy Matters

“We worked together to tackle tough words, and at the end of the year she felt more confident." - Berte, volunteer tutor at Reading Partners

Berte Schachter

New York, New York

“I saw the piano as another form of literacy. Music is its own language.” - Norma, volunteer tutor at JCL

Norma Tarrow

San Mateo, CA

“I love being a part of the progress they make with reading over the course of a year.” - Tammy, volunteer tutor at Oasis

Tammy Kelly

San Antonio, TX

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