Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Generation to Generation?

It’s a five-year campaign to mobilize 1 million people over 50 to show up for kids, work with communities and youth-serving organizations to scale the engagement of experienced talent, and advance the national conversation on what can be accomplished when generations come together.

This campaign was created by with support from partner organizations and foundation funding.

Q: Why is Generation to Generation needed?

A lot of wonderful work is being done to help young people throughout the country, but too many still lack the support they need to get (and stay) on a path to adult success. Older adults have the time, talent, experience and hard-wired desire to connect with younger generations to share their expertise. Generation to Generation will channel this valuable human resource where it’s most needed, into youth-serving organizations and underserved communities, and work to further amplify current efforts. The benefits of these unions go both ways – working with young people helps older adults feel a greater sense of purpose and wellbeing.

Check out Making the Case to learn more.

Q: Who is the Generation to Generation campaign looking to mobilize?

Individuals over 50 with a passion for helping young people, and who believe in the value of intergenerational relationships. Nonprofit organizations that are focused on helping young people ages 3-24, and anyone interested in spreading the word about work/volunteer opportunities to adults over 50. Communities interested in increasing connectivity across generations, and working with local leaders to demonstrate impact. The campaign also wants to hear the stories of young people interested in advocating for the power of caring adults (beyond their family) as active participants in their lives.
Q: How do I get involved?

Sign up here to join the Generation to Generation email list and stay informed of future opportunities to participate. Find opportunities to work/volunteer here. Follow on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and be sure to use the hashtag #Gen2Gen to join in the campaign conversation! We’ll share ongoing ways to take action for youth.

If you’d like to learn about becoming a nonprofit partner, or getting your local community involved in Generation to Generation, please complete this form to express your interest. We will follow up on organization inquiries starting December 2016. Thank you for your patience, and for all of your good work in this space.

Q: I'm older than 24, but younger than 50. Can I still participate?

Of course you can! Many people have experienced first-hand the benefits of a mentor or a caring adult who’s taken a particular interest in them. Consider reaching out to a special older person in your life and asking them to submit their story here, and we’ll spread the good news throughout our growing community. You can also help us out by telling others you know – parents, grandparents, children and community – about this campaign, and sharing articles and other content you find interesting on social media.
Q: Is this campaign only in the U.S.? I live overseas, but I'm interested in participating.

That’s great news. Many people within’s community are doing important work that benefits young people living outside the United States. We are beginning this campaign with a focus on individuals, nonprofit partners and communities located within America. But we would love to hear your story and learn more about the work you’re doing.
Q: Does Generation to Generation have a policy agenda?

The campaign aims to influence and/or promote new policy creation that enable adults 50+ to help young people thrive through thought-leadership, sharing best practices, and market research that advances the national conversation on intergenerational relationships and inspires progressive action.
Q: How is this campaign connected to

Generation to Generation is part of’s broader portfolio of work, all of which aims to transform the windfall of increased longevity and vitality into a force for solving social problems, and includes thought-leadership, storytelling, national convenings, innovation prizes, the Encore Fellowships Network program and a growing network of leaders. These complementary activities contribute talent and strength to the campaign, which in turn will bring new individuals to’s programs and to the broader encore movement. Learn more about here.