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Gen2Gen Seattle

Serve in Seattle with our Partners: Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers Big Sisters, & Educurious.

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Join Seattle’s New Intergenerational Movement

The Generation To Generation Seattle movement mobilizes Adults age 50+ to improve the lives of young people in vulnerable situations, reinforcing the interdependence between older and younger generations. The Seattle Gen2Gen movement focuses on education equity.

Nationally, through Encore.org, millions of people are using their passions, skills and decades of experience to make a difference in their communities and the world. Because the Greater Seattle community responded enthusiastically to this new intergenerational movement, Seattle was chosen as one of four Showcase Cities to pilot this five-year national campaign to mobilize one million adults age 50+ to improve the lives of youth.

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Diverse Cross-Sector Community Support

Gen2Gen Seattle is supported by a Steering Committee led by leadership from Boys & Girls Clubs of King County, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Puget Sound, Sound Generations, Mentoring Works, Social Venture Partners, the Mactus Group, plus three Encore Fellow alumni who bring significant for-profit and social purpose experience.

More than 40 cross-sector organizations expressed support for Gen2Gen Seattle during 2016. Examples include: NonProfits Youth Development Executives of King County [YDEKC], Business BECU, Government King County Best Start 4 Kids, School Districts Lake Washington School DistrictsFaith Communities Jesuit Volunteer Corps, Philanthropic Organizations Seattle Foundation.

Bring this Intergenerational Movement to Your Group!

Whether you're a civic association, business, faith community, retiree, older adult org., philanthropic group, PTO or neighborhood alliance‚ get in touch to explore how Greater Seattle is mobilizing adults age 50+ into action.

Sharing Your Passion, Talent, Time and Experience

Many adults over age 50 demonstrate their generosity financially or in traditional ways. We need you to help mobilize adults age 50+ from diverse communities to improve the lives of our diverse young people.

Not Sure How You Might Serve?

Some people want a lot of action or a large group, others work better alone or in a quiet manner. Gen2Gen partners with youth serving organizations which offer an opportunity for YOU to fit in and share your time, passion and experience.

Serve in Seattle

Find current age 50+ roles below.

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Treehouse engages community volunteers to provide one-on-one academic support to middle and high school students in the area they need it most. Students request volunteers to help with tutoring, homework help, credit recovery support, senior project help, and more. Volunteers and students meet across King County in coffee shops, libraries, and community centers.

Current Need: Volunteers in South King County. People of color and Spanish speakers are strongly encouraged to volunteer.
Commitment: Most volunteers and students meet for 1 hour, 1x week, between 2:30-6pm, for the duration of the school year.
Get Started: Annie Fidler at 206-267-5156 or [email protected]
Complete our volunteer application and register for an upcoming Graduation Success Volunteer Orientation (offered once a month).
Register now: Treehouse Volunteer Opportunity


Statistics today show that 1 in 5 of America’s kids won’t graduate on time.  Yet according to a Harris Survey, 90% of Boys & Girls Club alumni reported they earned a high school diploma or equivalent.  Power Hour is one of the Club’s key programs, providing students the time, space, and assistance they need to achieve academic excellence.  And our volunteers are a big part of making this time a success.  It’s amazing what a difference an hour of your day can make in the life of a kid.  Come join our team at the Kirkland Boys & Girls Club as we strive to “enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”

Do you have a passion for making a positive impact in the lives of kids? The Kirkland Boys & Girls Club is looking for Power Hour Tutors who are excited about helping kids be the best they can be!

Kirkland, WA
Current Need:  Mentors for Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters
Commitment: 1.5 hours/week for one year.
Get Started: Evan McKittrick, [email protected]
The Boys & Girls Clubs and Big Brothers Big Sisters seek to enroll 20 or more 50+ persons as “Bigs” to mentor and support kids, in a 1:1 context, Boys & Girls Clubs in Federal Way. Mentor a youth in Federal Way and support them in creating and implementing a plan to become an academically and civically successful person who lives healthfully.  

Current Need:  Power Hour Tutor
Commitment: 1.5 hours 1+ times/week for 6 months
Get Started: Kari Bachle, [email protected] (425) 250-4755
Volunteers will assist Club staff during “Power Hour,” working 1-on- 1 with elementary students who need tutoring help with their daily homework assignments. Volunteers might also be called on to help with various other duties, including but not limited to: assisting students with educational websites, basic Powerpoint/Word questions, playing games, coloring pictures, and reading to students. Training will be provided at a mandatory volunteer orientation, held at the Club, 10805 124 th Ave. NE, Kirkland.
Questions: Kari Bachle, [email protected] (425) 250-4755

Sammamish, WA
Current Need: Weekly Volunteer (up to 5)
Commitment: 1.5 hours 1 times/week for 6 months
Get Started: Zach Wenman, [email protected] 425.250.4755
This role will serve as an after-school program support helper and a small group mentor. This volunteer will attend our Sammamish Teen Center once per week at the same designated day and time, and help with program implementation as needed. Additionally, this volunteer will be “assigned” a small group of BGC members to mentor and build a relationship with while at the Club.

Current Need: Program Volunteer
Commitment: 1.5 hours 2 times/week for 6 months
Get Started: Zach Wenman, [email protected] 425.250.4755
This volunteer role commits to spending time at the Sammamish Teen Center at least twice per week for 6 months. This volunteer role will be more involved in after school programs for our members and may even elect to lead a program (e.g. Chess, or Math Club) after getting some experience helping support.



Educurious is the backbone organization for the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative in Seattle. Educurious will support and host small opportunity fairs to help young people to connect to employment and other resources. South King County has a robust education initiative to connect young people back to education, but we are hearing that students are dropping out to find jobs. Our goal with mentors is to add an extra layer of support for these young people so they can stay in school and work.

Current Need: Educurious Expert /20+
Commitment: 10-15 min/student request
Get Started: Sasha Gourevitch, [email protected]
Students across the country are using the Educurious curriculum that is project and problem biased. Students connect virtually to experts (volunteers) to ask for homework help, learn about new careers and ask questions related to post-secondary education. Students reach out periodically (there is no set schedule) and experts can respond as needed through our online portal.

Current Need: Opportunity Youth Job Fair Mentor/20+
Commitment: 4 hours  4x/year
Get Started: Sasha Gourevitch, [email protected]
Participate in hiring fairs by helping youth navigate the fair – provide a welcoming atmosphere, assist with registration, help youth apply for jobs online, participate in mock interviews, review resumes, etc.
At least 10 volunteers commit to serving as lead volunteers and commit to participating in all events. Lead volunteers help other volunteers and provide continuity for these events.

Current Need: Opportunity Youth Mentor/20+
Commitment: 1 hours 1 time/week for 6 months
Get Started: Sasha Gourevitch, [email protected]
Follow-Up with youth post hiring fair through phone call, email, etc. Mentors will check in on job application status, answer any questions, connect youth to additional resources i.e. driver’s license, food security, education, etc. Interactions will vary based on youth and need.


Being a Big Brother or Big Sister is one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do. Not to mention, one of the most fulfilling. You have the opportunity to help shape a child’s future for the better by empowering them to achieve. And the best part is, it’s actually a lot of fun. You and your Little can share the kinds of activities you already like to do.

Current Need: Mentor
Commitment: At least 4 hours a month
Get Started: Heather Jones, [email protected] (206) 456-9816
Minimum age of 18 years old; Employed at current job for at least one month, or have another stable form of income, and/or be a full-time student; Have a valid photo ID; Have valid driver’s license and car insurance if part of community based program (if planning on driving the Little). Commit to at least 4 hours a month; Must commit to at least one year in our program. Share activities that you enjoy doing with your Little. Learn from each other. Must have the understanding that we all come from different backgrounds and these kids are looking for positive role models.

Get Involved to Support Youth!

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