Eunice’s mom was 22 when she left Taiwan. Like so many immigrants, she came to the U.S. alone, with little more than a few dollars in her pocket and hopes of pursuing the American Dream. 

Homesick, she struggled with English, loneliness, and Minneapolis snowstorms. But she remembers, with gratitude, the American family that invited her for holiday dinners and gave her a sense of home.

As a result, Eunice’s mom invited outsiders to join their family’s holiday table. Throughout her childhood, her house was filled with Chinese students who—far from home—crowded around the table, sharing stories and Peking duck.

In this Snapshot presentation brought to you by the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, VP Eunice Lin Nichols, shares her story along with advice for creating a sense of extended family and community that comes so naturally in certain cultures, but can feel very distant and inaccessible in ours. Learn how to build opportunities to connect older and younger generations in our lives and in our organizations.

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