The Gen2Gen campaign concluded in 2020, but we are continuing the work to elevate innovators and ideas that bridge generational divides. Visit for updates.


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“Bringing Gen2Gen to our Family Resource Centers really opened up FIRST 5’s eyes. Our volunteer coordinators are now working to get more older adults involved, including the many grandparents who are taking care of their grandkids while the parents are working. FIRST 5 is excited by the opportunity to more intentionally engage all ages in our community.”

— Bob Crum, Gen2Gen Encore Fellow, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County

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GET HELP RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS OVER 50. The Gen2Gen Learning Hub offers ideas, tips and best practices to help you bring the skills and talents of older adults to kids who need champions. It includes simple guides and other bite-sized learning about designing roles for people 50+, recruiting people 50+ as volunteers or paid staff, building a more diverse team, and assessing impact.

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JOIN A LOCAL CAMPAIGN. Led by local leaders, public agencies and/or nonprofit organizations, local campaigns pilot new, innovative approaches to reducing generational isolation and scaling opportunities for adults 50+ to help young people thrive. Local campaigns are now active in Boston, Cincinnati, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle and Tampa Bay. Learn more. If you’d like to start a local campaign, contact Karimah Nonyameko, [email protected].


  • Book discussion. Engage your network in discussions about How to Live Forever, the new book by CEO Marc Freedman? Download our discussion guide (coming soon).
  • Watch party. Organize parties to watch Gen2Gen mentoring movies and inspire people to become mentors in real life. Get the Gen2Gen Movies & Mentors watch party guide here.
  • Laundromat literacy. Encourage your members to turn local laundromats into literacy activity centers for a few hours. Use this guide.
  • Gen2Gen Circle. Create community gatherings for adults over 50 interested in helping kids by starting a Gen2Gen Circle.

APPLY FOR A PRIZE. The Gen2Gen Encore Prize awards a total of $100,000 to innovators tapping the talent of adults 50+ to help kids thrive. The How to Live Forever Fund gives away up to $250 to support creative, intergenerational projects that bring generations together. Learn more and consider applying.

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