Gen2Gen Movies & Mentors

Interested in Hosting a Watch Party?

This winter and spring, Gen2Gen supporters across the country will be gathering friends of all ages to watch a favorite movie featuring a mentoring relationship, have some fun, and discuss local opportunities to mentor and be mentored.

Think your friends or neighbors might like to get together and watch a movie? Maybe your book group, religious group, service club, PTA, afterschool program, senior center or tenants/homeowners association would like to take part?

If you’re interested and sign up below, we’ll send you a simple how-to guide to help you host a watch party, complete with tips for organizing before, during and after the event, plus materials you can use to create invitations and other handouts.

Sign up below if you’re interested in learning more about hosting one of these fun and meaningful gatherings.

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About Gen2Gen Movies & Mentors

Gen2Gen Movies & Mentors celebrates intergenerational mentoring relationships on the big screen and encourages people over 50 to become mentors in real life. From January (National Mentoring Month) through April, Gen2Gen Movies & Mentors will include a public nomination and voting period to identify the top 10 mentoring films of all time, plus continuous recruitment of mentors over 50 in real life.

About the #Gen2Gen Campaign

Gen2Gen mobilizes people 50+ to help kids thrive. The campaign is powered by, which taps the talent of people 50+ as a force for good.