People across the country are stepping up to build a society where folks over 50 are a powerful force for good, where standing up and showing up for kids is the norm, and where intergenerational bonds strengthen the social fabric of communities and the nation.

The Gen2Gen campaign connects a vibrant network of practitioners, community leaders and entrepreneurs to spread best practices, address common challenges and develop inspiring new models that can be adopted by others, extending the Gen2Gen vision far and wide.

"Bringing Gen2Gen to our Family Resource Centers really opened up FIRST 5’s eyes. Our volunteer coordinators are now working to get more older adults involved, including the many grandparents who are taking care of their grandkids while the parents are working. FIRST 5 is excited by the opportunity to more intentionally engage all ages in our community."

-Bob Crum, Gen2Gen Encore Fellow, FIRST 5 Santa Clara County

Here’s how you can be part of Gen2Gen:

Join the conversation on Facebook. Read about and share exciting new ideas, resources and innovations here.

List your youth-serving volunteer opportunities on the Gen2Gen Opportunity Finder.  When you list your opportunities, tag them as “children and youth” and “good for 55+”. 

Download our Gen2Gen tools to assess your own organization’s Gen2Gen readiness make a plan of action, and try out new strategies.

Join webinars designed for organizations eager to tap the talent of people 50+.

Hire an Encore Fellow.  Encore Fellows apply the skills, experience and knowledge acquired during their primary career to a high-impact, flexible, time-limited, assignment within a nonprofit or public agency.  Fellows are a source of encore talent that can help your organization build capacity.  Fellows can also help organizations to effectively engage other adults 50+ in their work and volunteer force.

Apply for a $50,000 Encore Prize for new ways to engage people 50+ in the lives of kids who need champions.

Organize your own community and networks to get involved.

Inspire others by telling your story.

Together we can build a Gen2Gen movement!

Innovation Spotlight: Tapping Encore Talent to Help Children and Youth Thrive

First 5 Santa Clara

FIRST 5 Santa Clara County is a Gen2Gen partner and a participant of the 2016-2017 Learning Lab and 2018 Early Childhood Innovators cohort. They are actively engaging adults 50+ to support children in their family resource centers.

Generation Citizen

Generation Citizen is partnering with Gen2Gen in expanding their college volunteer model by starting to engage adults 50+ as a way to support their strategic expansion goals, especially in rural areas.

Hire Autism

Hire Autism/The Organization for Autism Research is a recipient of the 2017 Encore Prize Winner for their work on engaging adults 50+ as job advocates and coaches for 2,000 young job seekers with autism through its jobs portal.

“I marveled at, and aspire to, the depth and breadth of’s community connections! The public voting process for the Encore Prize has heightened our profile in our community. I found there were people with a depth of passion for Neighbor Ed that I didn't account for before they revealed it through their enthusiasm for getting out the vote. A gratifying and productive experience! I look forward to seeing what's next for everyone!”

-Julie Filapek, Encore Prize Semifinalist, Neighborhood Partners, Goodwill NCW