The Gen2Gen How to Live Forever Fund can help you get a fun, creative intergenerational project started with an award of up to $250.


The Gen2Gen Encore Prize offers $100,000 in cash prizes, coaching and a year of ongoing support to innovative programs, products and services that tap the talent of adults 50+ to help young people thrive.


The Gen2Gen Summer Fun(d) provides 10 awards of up to $250 for fun, creative summer projects that bring older adults and kids together for meaningful interactions. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the creativity of these intergenerational activities. Check out our 2018 grant recipients for ideas and inspiration.


In the spring of 2018, Gen2Gen’s Movies & Mentors contest crowdsourced the top 10 intergenerational mentoring movies of all time, while encouraging people over 50 to become mentors in real life.

Find out which movies won and get our handy guide to hosting your own movie watch party. It’s a fun way to build community and get your friends and family interested in becoming mentors.


Kids need early reading champions and books in their lives to be ready for school success. An alarming number of children – about 67 percent nationwide and more than 80 percent of those living in low-income families – are still struggling to read by the end of third grade. A lack of proficiency in reading can dramatically decrease the odds of school success and limit future options in life, but it’s a problem we have the power to fix.

Working with our partners, we have gathered many vetted opportunities for you to help kids learn to read and begin to love books.


Learning Communities provide Gen2Gen partner and supporter organizations with a forum to talk with other like-minded organizations interested in embedding Encore talent. Groups form around a specific focus or topic, and discussions cover how-to’s, struggles, lessons learned, and ways to spread ideas and best practices.