The Gen2Gen Learning Hub

Want to tap the talents of people 50+ to help kids thrive?

Welcome! The Gen2Gen Learning Hub offers ideas, tips and best practices to help you bring the skills and talents of older adults to kids who need champions.  

You’ll find:

  • 10 steps to take to engage adults 50+ in youth-serving organizations.
  • Bite-sized learning about designing roles for people 50+, recruiting people 50+ as volunteers or paid staff, building a more diverse team, and assessing impact.

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What’s inside?

Here’s an example of the Gen2Gen Learning Hub content. If you’re designing roles for people 50+, watch this 6-minute video, and try this short guide and worksheet. You can use these separately or together – to reflect, plan and train others who are working with you.

More on what’s inside

To access the resources below and others like these, click here and register for the Learning Hub.

A readiness assessment will help you know where to start a personalized plan for engaging older talent.
Step 4 of the 10-Step Guide will help you develop effective outreach messages, methods and materials.
A 2-minute storytelling class with Andy Goodman will take your stories up a notch.

In Plain Sight: a blog

Looking Through an Opportunity Lens

Changing how you see things can help you find resources hidden in plain sight. These three youth-serving organizations used an opportunity lens in their search for volunteers and staff. Here’s what they found. While he was in his nineties, my … Read more

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The Gen2Gen Facebook Champions Group includes hundreds of people like you, engaging adults 50+ in youth-serving organizations. Every day, they’re talking about what’s working and what’s not, asking questions, offering ideas and sharing resources. Join…so you don’t miss a thing! This is also a great place to give us feedback about any of the tools in the Hub, so we can make it a better destination for you and others. 

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