The Gen2Gen campaign concluded in 2020, but we are continuing the work to elevate innovators and ideas that bridge generational divides. Visit for updates.


Activists across the country are creating local Gen2Gen campaigns to help every child grow up with a web of caring relationships anchored by the unique contributions of older generations. Led by local leaders, public agencies and nonprofit organizations, these campaigns pilot new, innovative approaches for reducing generational isolation and solving social problems, and seek to expand opportunities for adults 50+ to help children and youth thrive.

Gen2Gen local campaigns engage in monthly video calls to share challenges, breakthroughs and learnings and to generate best practices and models that can be adopted by others, extending the Gen2Gen vision across the nation.

If you live in one of the nine cities where local Gen2Gen campaigns are active, connect with your local campaign below.

If you’re interested in starting a local Facebook group or a local campaign, contact Karimah Nonyameko, [email protected].

Gen2Gen Boston

Gen2Gen Boston, powered by the Encore Boston Network, believes that adults 50+ have the time, talent and motivation to help kids get a strong start in life. With a group of partners and affiliates, Gen2Gen Boston works to connect this largely untapped, rich talent resource with organizations that are making a difference in the lives of young people.


Gen2Gen Cincinnati

Gen2Gen Cincinnati — a regional innovation partner in Gen2Gen’s national five-year campaign — believes that older adults who have the time, talent and experience can be one of our greatest assets in tackling some of the critical challenges facing children in our community. Gen2Gen Cincinnati engages these adults looking for a meaningful encore endeavor and connects them with youth serving organizations in our community to address our city’s overwhelming childhood poverty rate through tutoring, mentoring and other shared educational experiences.


Gen2Gen Denver

Gen2Gen LA

Gen2Gen LA is a federation of leading Los Angeles youth development agencies and service organizations representing older adults who have a shared commitment to recruit and deploy older, wiser and experienced adults to help them carry out their respective missions to benefit young, underserved children. This intergenerational initiative is focused on actively engaging culturally diverse 50+ adults to work with children (up to 8 years old) in underserved communities across Los Angeles County.


Gen2Gen Phoenix

Gen2Gen San Diego

San Diego Countys mission is to plan, implement and sustain meaningful partnerships across generations to address health and social issues. Committed to the Live Well San Diego vision, it aligns the efforts of individuals, organizations and government to help all 3.3 million San Diego County residents live well by viewing all community efforts and challenges through an intergenerational lens.


“Gen2Gen is thriving in the city of San Jose. We’re going to make great things happen with older adults. We’re going to lift the aspirations and opportunities of thousands of our young people. We’re fired up!”

— Mayor Sam Liccardo, San Jose

Gen2Gen San Jose

Gen2Gen San Jose. In partnership with the mayor’s office and through various City volunteer programs and youth-serving organizations, Gen2Gen San Jose seeks to set a new standard for community involvement, by engaging adults 50+ to help tackle the city’s toughest problems. The older generation will specifically help youth and children, promoting these services as a core part of what it means to be a citizen in the most innovative city in the world. Gen2Gen San Jose will serve as a conduit for adults 50 years and older to connect and find youth serving opportunities, to unleash their spirit of service, empower their creativity and leverage their professional expertise.


Gen2Gen Seattle

Gen2Gen Seattle focuses on education equity and mobilizes adults age 50+ to improve the lives of young people in vulnerable situations, reinforcing the interdependence between older and younger generations. The Gen2Gen Seattle movement is hosted by 501 Commons, formerly Executive Service Corps of Washington, with a mission to boost the capacity of nonprofit organizations to thrive over the long term and effectively serve the community. Click here to learn more and stay in touch with Gen2Gen Seattle.


Gen2Gen Tampa Bay

Gen2Gen Tampa Bay, powered by Encore Tampa Bay, works to bring the community together to improve outcomes for people, young and old, and to strengthen local organizations serving both populations. The mission: to mobilize midlife, experienced adults to improve the lives of the most vulnerable children and youth in the greater Tampa Bay community. In partnership with Seniors in Service/RSVP, Gen2Gen Tampa Bay, is working to engage older residents to tackle some of the toughest challenges in the South Hillsborough County by using their skills and passion in various volunteer and capacity building roles.