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Fostering Hope wins $50,000 Gen2Gen Encore Prize

Young people growing up in foster care face tremendous challenges, but a Colorado nonprofit is proving that older adult volunteers can provide the web of support that kids need to heal and that foster families need to keep going. For its groundbreaking...

Who will win the Encore Prize? Cast your vote today!

I’m over-the-moon inspired by the semi-finalists for the Gen2Gen Encore Prize! With so many forces conspiring to divide us, these 24 innovators have come up with new ideas to bring us together. They all offer cool and creative solutions to connect adults...

Reserve your copy of How to Live Forever today!

Although I didn’t always realize it, my new book, How to Live Forever, has been a work in progress for the past 30 years. For decades I’ve been on a quest to answer a set of increasingly urgent questions: How can a society with more older people than...



Are you living #Gen2Gen?

Celebrities speak out on using longer lives to create a better future. launches its Gen2Gen campaign, mobilizing 1 million adults age 50+ to help young people thrive.

Learn more about how FIRST 5 Santa Clara lives Gen2Gen.