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Joining with Young People to Fight Racial Injustice

By Marc Freedman Across the country, young people continue to march against racial injustice and police violence, embodying what historian and sociologist Orlando Patterson calls “the noble rage of young Americans against...historic evil.” And thousands of older...

Mary Lost Her Father At 14: Today She Helps Kids Overcome Grief

By Andy Levine Mary Robinson was just 14 when her father passed away. Throughout high school, college and her 20s, that grief stayed bottled up inside her. A therapist helped her get her life together by helping her share her story. After college, she landed a...


He dreamed of teaching children with a background like his own
EnCorps STEM Teachers Program
Long Beach, CA
He believes the country is craving a unifying message
Homeboy Industries
Los Angeles, CA


Are you living #Gen2Gen?

Celebrities speak out on using longer lives to create a better future. launches its Gen2Gen campaign, mobilizing 1 million adults age 50+ to help young people thrive.

Learn more about how FIRST 5 Santa Clara lives Gen2Gen.