"It has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with this young professional and to be a mentor."

Greg Bonn
Child Development Institute
Woodland Hills, CA


Recent retiree leverages skills to expand development funding

As I transitioned to retirement, I looked for a way to continue to work part-time in development work for non-profits. The opportunity with Encore Fellowships was perfect for me. I believe in the Encore movement and how fellowships can help people continue to be active and utilize their skills in social impact organizations. I had worked in development for years, so the Fellowship allowed me to work on a part-time basis and continue to contribute.

Joan Maltese, CEO of the Child Development Institute has a knack for hiring people who work well together, and the Child Development Institute had great team spirit which made it a wonderful place to work.  Joan could teach grant seeking and aspects of working with foundations for funding on a graduate level. Most organizations receive only a small percent of funding from foundations, but Joan had turned that upside down and raised the majority of her funding from them.  I had worked for a small Catholic hospital in East Los Angeles early in my career and had also received the majority of funding from foundations so I understood the situation. What the Child Development Institute needed, and what I could bring, was how to expand the development to funding from more sources including individuals.

It was a dimension that CDI did not have, and where I could add value.  We have begun working on that process to transition the organization to seek individual support. We will be working with the board to assess how to add these areas of fundraising to the strategy. We are now developing long-term goals, a game plan, and an implementation plan. We are working incrementally to bring this type of funding into the development program.  CDI is a very dynamic and growing organization. There are great opportunities for development in that growth. I am working with Joan to see how my skills can complement hers in these projects.

I also helped the team identify a new software system for development, collaborating with the team and guiding them in their decision for a new software system appropriate for the organization. Since I was a Fellow for the year, I wanted them to make the decision. It was a democratic process.

I think one of the most personally satisfying accomplishments was working with Joan and the Human Resource Manager to hire the Development Associate for CDI. The hire has been extraordinary.  It has been a real pleasure and privilege to work with this young professional and to be a mentor.

I’m really happy to have been asked to stay on and continue the work towards the development transition.  It’s a great place to work.


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