Matt Groshong

Seattle, WA

“Giving back is so much fun and older workers have so much to give.”

I am a volunteer tutor for the national nonprofit Reading Partners at an elementary school across the street from my home in Seattle. I tutor the same student for 45 minutes twice a week to improve reading skills.

Now retired, I longed to get back to working directly with individual students, which I did in my advisor days prior to becoming an administrator in a local community college.

Reading Partners works with schools and communities to unlock the skills of students who struggle with reading. Its evidence-based curriculum, delivered by volunteers from the community, has been found to have positive and statistically significant impact on three different measures of student reading proficiency,€“ reading comprehension, fluency and sight-word reading.

My second-grader student chose the first Harry Potter book for our tutor read-aloud. I told him that it was one of the favorite kids books in the whole world. Two days later at the next session he told me that he had checked out the book from the library and spent most of his free time reading the first 100 pages! I was so proud of him!

Giving back is so much fun and older workers have so much to give.

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Diann Farnsley

Port St Joe, Florida

“Some of my Intel projects took two years. At the school, I could get immediate gratification from the Director, teachers and students.”

Fancy Bryant III

Oakland, CA

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San Diego, CA