The Gen2Gen campaign concluded in 2020, but we are continuing the work to elevate innovators and ideas that bridge generational divides. Visit for updates.


Welcome to a growing movement of activists and organizations.


Gen2Gen can help you find a local volunteer opportunity to help kids thrive, a way to volunteer from home, a job opportunity working with young people, ideas for do-it-yourself projects, resources to organize Gen2Gen activities, a place to meet other activists and exchange ideas and best practices — and more.

“The Gen2Gen campaign introduced me to an organization that matched my professional and personal values and needed my expertise. Within days I was helping first-generation college applicants make important decisions about college and career.”

— Laura H. Gilbert


If you work for an organization that believes in the power of intergenerational relationships and are interested in joining forces with and learning from others who do, you’re in the right place.

Gen2Gen can help you learn how to attract more 50+ volunteers and staff, find a learning community to ask questions and exchange best practices, spread the word about your work, provide ideas and guidance for intergenerational gatherings, keep you up to date on new developments in our movement and our field — and more.

“Thanks to’s Gen2Gen campaign launch, we saw 848 new older adults search the Mentoring Connector for an opportunity to mentor a young person — third in referral traffic only to LinkedIn and over those first 90 days. We’re thrilled to be attracting more adults over 50, and to be partners in this effort — to allow more people to experience the mutual benefits of intergenerational relationships.”  

— David Shapiro, the CEO of MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership


Gen2Gen supporters who inspire others to stand up for — and with — young people are Gen2Gen champions.

Click below to let us know if you’re a Gen2Gen champion, then check out these resources designed to help you do more to make life better for all ages.

“When I heard about Gen2Gen, I was like, ‘Wow! That’s exciting. Put me down!’ To see the bright eyes of a child light up when you bring them a book they never read, and to give them opportunity, is an excellent thing.”

— Leslie Stafford, Gen2Gen champion and Laundromat Literacy organizer


Activists across the country are creating local Gen2Gen campaigns to help every child grow up with a web of caring relationships anchored by the unique contributions of older generations. Led by local leaders, public agencies and nonprofit organizations, these campaigns pilot new, innovative approaches for reducing generational isolation and solving social problems, and seek to expand opportunities for adults 50+ to help children and youth thrive.

Gen2Gen local campaigns engage in monthly video calls to share challenges, breakthroughs and learnings and to generate best practices and models that can be adopted by others, extending the Gen2Gen vision across the nation.

Find out if there’s a local campaign near you — and, if not, how to start one.

“Gen2Gen Cincinnati has been energized and inspired by the national Gen2Gen movement. We developed a local platform dedicated to connecting adults 50+ in our community to intergenerational ways to help young people thrive, and we love staying connected to all the conversations happening within the Gen2Gen Champions Facebook group.”

— Katie Fiorelli, Gen2Gen Cincinnati Community Manager