By Duncan Magidson

When his own daughter went to college, Cha Chi-Chung began volunteering with a nonprofit in upstate New York that has, over the past 20 years, helped more than 9,000 first-generation youth get into college, stay there, and succeed afterwards.

Cha fell in love with On Point for College’s mission and its work — helping students find financial aid, driving them to college, visiting them to help them stay on track, going to their graduations, and helping them get jobs afterwards.

It wasn’t long before Cha figured out that the organization was to struggling to coordinate 190,000 miles of travel each year, helping kids get to and from college. So drawing on his skills as a computer programmer, Cha created an online database to simplify the process for coordinating schedules—eliminating hassles and giving staff and volunteers more time to spend with students.

In this video, Karimah Nonyameko, Gen2Gen’s leadership and mobilization manager, talks to Cha and On Point for College’s founder and CEO Ginny Donohue. The conversation includes helpful tips on how On Point has grown its program and the ways that Ginny has empowered volunteers like Cha to unleash their hidden talents.

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