“The elders can become a fiercely independent and robust force for good.”
– Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa

For nearly two decades, Encore.org has been inventing new ways to tap the talent of people 50+ as a force for social good. Thirteen well-know people, past and present, are talking about a new vision for later life as a time to leave the world a better place for future generations. American journalist Jane Pauley believes that “if enough of us sign up, we’re a small army. It’s inconceivable that we wouldn’t be able to change the world.”

Take a look at this two-minute video, and hear more. 

Talk about potential — in these challenging and divisive times, people over 50 are the one resource that’s abundant, local, powerful, sustainable, renewable, effective and hidden in plain sight. 

Encore’s Generation to Generation (Gen2Gen) campaign shows that the goal of a longer life isn’t trying to be young; it’s to be there for those who actually are. Oprah Winfrey wants “to help girls that are like me, girls who really wanted it . . . they could see the possibility for themselves.”

If you believe that every child deserves the right to thrive and that every person over 50 has something to give, join us today by taking the Gen2Gen pledge to create a better future for future generations..

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As music producer Quincy Jones says, “When you’re over the hill, that’s when you pick up speed.”

Published: November 25, 2017